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Ingenious and Trendy IKEA Besta Hack I Tried, Loved, And Totally Recommend!

Attention IKEA hackers! This is perfect for beginners and experienced DIYers alike

Here is how I did it.

I’ve always believed home decor is all about letting your creative juices flow — it’s about exercising creative freedom so you can create a space that truly resonates with your personality.

In that regard, simple furnishings always take the prize; they provide plenty of room for decorating and accessorising as per your liking. Enter the IKEA Besta cabinet that is as simple as it gets — and with just a few supplies and rolled-up sleeves, it can go from ordinary to extraordinary and super personalised!

Ahead, I will share the entire process of transforming an IKEA Besta cabinet, creating a unit that can be used for multiple purposes. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to replicate this IKEA Besta hack in your home, too. So, let’s get started!

What you will need

Supplies For The IKEA Besta Makeover

For my IKEA Besta hack, I first collected all the essential supplies I would need. Below, I’m categorising them into IKEA Besta units and general supplies, along with links to purchase yours online.

IKEA Besta Units To Order

Here’s a list of the IKEA Besta Units I ordered:

Other Supplies To Have At Hand

In addition, here are a handful of supplies you’ll need:

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Step #1: Build The Cabinet

First, put together the cabinet. I started off by joining the shelf pieces to the skeleton of the TV bench. Next, I attached the STUBBARP legs to the base. Attaching the legs and switching the unit over is an easy way to achieve the purpose. 

Step #2: Priming

Prime the cabinet in all areas you wish to paint. I primed the top and sides with my B.I.N Zinsser primer, and it worked perfectly for the project.

Tip: Priming is an essential step before painting any surface. It ensures stains don’t bleed through the new coat of paint and blocks all kinds of odours. For the particular brand I used, the primer offered excellent adhesion to the surface without requiring sanding beforehand.

Once you have primed the surfaces, let the furniture piece sit until it is fully dry.

Attach the Hairpin legs using a drill and screws to secure them into place.

Step #3: Paint, Paint, Paint

Once dried, paint the surfaces you have primed with a paint of your choice. I used Rust-Oleum’s chalky finish furniture paint. This gave a matte finish, while the natural charcoal colour added the pop of bold but neutral colour I was looking for.

Allow the surfaces to dry, and proceed to apply another coat when done.

Pro tip: Use a paint roller, especially if you’re new to painting. It’s quick, easy-to-use, and applies an even coat of paint!


Step #4: Prepare The Doors

To cover the front of your cabinet, you need to add doors. First, cut out your 6 mm MDF board to fit right into the glass section of the SINDVIK doors. Next, cut out an arch shape in the centre. I used a (new) toilet seat I had as a utensil, and it created the perfect arch shape.

Once the right shape is cut out, prime and paint the MDF pieces utilising the same products used for the cupboards. I also painted the SINDVIK door frames with the natural charcoal shade to use a single colour throughout.

Step #5: Seal The Paint

Seal all paint surfaces with lacquer — preferably Rust-Oleum furniture lacquer. This is a modern furniture finish that gives a high-end look to the furniture piece while also providing protection against water and liquids. After applying an even coat, let the lacquer dry,

Step #6: Finalise and Attach The Doors

Apply gorilla glue to the edges of the arches you cut out earlier, and attach them to the SINDVIK doors. Finally, mount the doors onto the unit.

Time To Style!

And voila, your customised IKEA Besta storage unit is ready! You can now style it with your favourite accessories, such as ceramic vases, candlesticks, and coffee table books, and place it in various parts of your home. From a foyer table to a sideboard to an entertainment complex, it can serve multiple purposes as per your needs — and add a punch of style to your interior with a piece that speaks to your personality!

And, that’s about it! I hope you enjoy putting together your IKEA Besta unit with the above-mentioned steps as much as I did.

How will you use your customised IKEA Besta cabinet to adorn your space? Share your ideas with me in the comments section below 🙂


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