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This budget friendly unit can look far from budget with this simple hack….

Turning it into a Statement piece with a Scandi Rustic Twist.

Here is how I did it.

What you will need

  • IKEA Hallax unit
  • IKEA Hallax insert with door
  • IKEA Begripa handles
  • Four individual Rothley Hairpin Legs – we used 100mm in Matt Black  – 100m Hairpin legs
  • Woodpress White Oak Real Oak Iron-On Edging –
  • A wooden worktop – we’ve used one from an old desk
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Iron
  • Sander / Sandpaper
  • Gorilla Glue –

Step 1

I started off assembling the Kallax unit following the IKEA instructions. (I have a love-hate relationship with flat-pack building) But this was so simple and quick to do.

Step 2

Once assembled you need to attach the Hairpin legs to the unit, we used 100mm matt black from Ironmongery Direct.

With the Kallax unit, you need to make sure the legs are as close to the edge as possible to make sure they are safely secured to the unit. Using a tape measure and a pencil we marked out the desired position.

Attach the Hairpin legs using a drill and screws to secure them into place.

Step 3

Take two Kallax door inserts and using Woodpress White Oak 22mm x 7.5mm Real Oak.

Iron-On Edging, cut to size with scissors. Take each strip and iron onto the unit, making sure you press down with the iron and leave for a few seconds to make sure the veneer sticks to the unit.

GET CREATIVE! You can do any design here we opted to a geometric pattern.

Step 4

Attach IKEA Begripa handles to each door.

Step 5

Attach the Kallax door inserts to the unit.

Step 6

We decided to add a worktop to the top of the unit, we had an old desk top in our garage so we decided to cut / sand this down.

Step 7

Once sanded we glued to the top of unit using Gorilla Glue and left to dry.

Step 8

The best part – Time for the styling

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