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Making over my bedroom wall using polewrap

I am so excited to share this project with you all! My bedroom was starting to feel a bit plain being all white so I decided to add to more texture to the panelled wall!

This DIY was so easy to do and can you believe I used POLE WRAP!

Here is how I did it.

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What you will need


Here is a reminder of the what the room looked liked before

Step 1

Test some wood dye on a small section of the pole wrap,  Then head to your local b&q to get some colour match paint to the wood dye sample.

Step 2

Paint the existing panelling in the custom colour

Measure the inside (Length & Width) of each panel you have just painted 

Step 3

  • Mark out your measurements,  When cutting length ways in-between the slats you can use a Stanley knife – press down and run the knife in-between the slats cutting the fabric.
  • To cut horizontal apply masking tape along the line you want to cut (This stops the wood from splintering)
  • I used a track saw as I had it to hand, with this you set you measurements and cut – I found turning the pole wrap over and cutting on the felt side easier.
  • Cutting using a hand saw – press down hard and cut along the masking tape line wood side up.
  • Give the edges of the pole wrap a light sand

Step 4

Once the pole wrap is cut to size you can stain using your wood dye – pour on and rub in with a lint free cloth
I applied 2 coats leaving to dry in-between each coat.

Step 5

Once dry and the paint on the walls is dry apply no more nails to the felt side

Step 6

Then press the felt side onto the walls – make sure you press down hard before moving your hands away. Repeat until all the squares are filled.

Step 7

There you have it a really simple DIY – But makes a BIG impact

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